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Symptoms Of Menopause

Recognizing the symptoms of menopause would help women to know themselves, before the menopause  misinterpreted as pregnancy or other diseases.  So it can conquer menopause.

Menstrual periods are irregular character of the most common menopause occurs. Disorder as shown by changes in duration (longer or shorter), the quantity of blood (more or less), and the distance between periods.

Contact your doctor if a period lasting more than 8 days with a quantity of blood very much, the distance between the period of less than 21 days, or you are not experiencing a period of 6 months.

Hot files are classic symptoms of menopause as well as the reasons that require you to get treatment. Hot files marked with a sensation of warmth that suddenly appear or feel very hot, spread over almost all parts of the body, especially the chest, face and head. Sometimes accompanied by sweating, feeling anxious, or heartbeat faster.
Hot files often associated with hot and humid weather, narrow space, caffeine, alcohol, or spicy foods.

Changes on the genitals, especially pain during intercourse because of dry. This change occurs because estrogen plays an important role in the function of female genitalia, uterus, bladder, and urethra. No wonder that menopausal women will often experience irritation, itching, and difficult to hold urination. Intercourse on a regular basis will keep the moisture female genitalia.

Mood and sexual function changes. Some people even experience depression, although certainly not known relationship of depression with a low amount of estrogen.

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