Tips to overcome colds and flu

Tips to overcome colds and flu. As in the post best remedy for a cold evening, that it is best to overcome colds the natural way. And you surely know that prevention is better than cure.

Colds usually come to accompany the cough. The virus that causes colds and allergies. For allergies are usually allergic to the dust and animal dander allergies from pets.

While influenza is caused by a virus. Symptoms of influenza are fever, headache, muscle aches, nasal congestion, cough and throat felt dry. There are also experiencing diarrhea.

Here it is, some tips to overcome colds and flu:
1. If the cause of colds allergies, avoid allergens such
2. Drink plenty of warm water and get enough rest
3. For influenza should rest for 2-3 days
4. Avoid excessive physical activity
5. Eat foods that contain lots of calories and high in protein.
6. Expand eating fresh fruits.

Tips to overcome colds and flu
If these steps tips to overcome the flu and colds are not successful, please visit your doctor. The purpose went to the doctor, that is to ascertain whether pure flu infection or infection of other rides. If it was just the flu, colds, common cold is no problem. the problem is if there is co-infection with another such as URTI, DHF, typhus and others.

To get the drugs according to symptoms. As for lowering drugs, medications for nasal congestion, for to mengencer phlegm or mucus, and vitamins.

May we all be protected from the flu, colds and influenza. hopefully tips to overcome colds and flu is useful for you, especially who like staying up at night. Always healthy and protected from the flu, colds and influenza.
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