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Treatment and Management of Premature Ejaculation

Unfortunately for many men, they feel there is no hope for them to resolve their premature ejaculation. The longer they go without finding a solution, the more stressed and overwhelmed they get with their situation. This stress leads to even more troubles in bed, becoming a vicious cycle. There are treatment and management options however that can drastically help men regain control of their sex lives again.

One of the easiest treatment methods are creams and condoms. Both of these immediately provide desensitization for the penis, theoretically allowing you to last longer. Condoms also give the added benefit of protecting against STD's and unwanted pregnancies. However, both of these methods can also decrease the pleasure involved because they are desensitizing the penis. Both of these methods are a decent quick fix, but they don't address the core problems of premature ejaculation. Any man who truly wants to increase his natural abilities and last longer all by himself without any aid needs a solution like the Ejaculation Trainer.

While not its original purpose, it has been found that certain anti-depressants, known as SSRI's, have the effect of slowing down the nervous system and increasing serotonin, allowing a man to last longer. These drugs work to increase the serotonin in the body, which makes a person feel better, but also lessens arousal by calming the nervous system. One of the unfortunate side effects of premature ejaculation can be depression, so taking these medications can help with any signs of depression while aiding a man during intercourse. Before taking any sort of medication you should talk to a doctor. Again, taking pills really shouldn't be a long-term solution to PE since it just masks the original problem.

Ejaculation control manuals are actually one of the most effective solutions for premature ejaculation. For many men, the main contributing factor for their premature ejaculation is that their early sexual experiences have wired their brain to ejaculate as quickly as possible. After years of this during their teenage life, it is how their body naturally reacts to sexual situations. That's where ejaculation control manuals such as the Ejaculation Trainer come into play. They give a man the knowledge and techniques he needs to rewire their body to last longer, and also basic techniques and information that can be used to delay ejaculation. Many different topics and aspects of ejaculation are discussed. While this isn't a quick fix like other treatment options (although the Ejaculation Trainer does in fact provide 18 quick fix techniques), it will provide men with lasting results that will not only end their suffering from premature ejaculation, but also end their dependence on outside measures for treatment.


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